Applinked – Download & Install Filelinked Alternative on Android, Firestick & PC

Applinked is a replacement for the filelinked app. The app allows you to download third-party apps. These third-party apps are linked through some numerical codes. All you need to do is to install AppLinked on your device, enter a proper code to select an app and download the APK version of that app.

You can install this app on your Android mobile phones, Firestick TV, Android TV, Nvidia Shield, and PC. This brief article will provide you a thorough idea of AppLinked. You will get to know how this application works, how to use it, and the best working applinked codes.

applinked file

Features of AppLinked

Create your own file store: App Linked allows you to create your own file stores in easy and quick steps. You will get a pin and code from the app when you create your own store.

Host your own APKs for free: You can host your own apk files without any additional charges. The developers of the app claim that this feature will always be free.

Share APK files: You can share your apk files for free with others.

Parallel Downloads: AppLinked allows you to download multiple APKs linked to a code simultaneously. This makes bulk-downloading apps very easy and fast.

Let us discuss the methods of installing AppLinked on various devices.

How to Download & Install Applinked:

As we mentioned above, this app can be installed on various devices. All you need is Android firmware because the app is available for Android devices only. Let’s see how to install the app on Fire TV, Smart Phones, Android TV, Nvidia Shield Pro and any other Android devices out there.

Applinked Download on Firestick:

There are two parts to this process. One is to prepare your FireStick for downloading AppLinked, and the other is to Install AppLinked.
Let us discuss the first step.

Prepare Your Firestick to Install Applinked:

  1. Go to the FireStick home screen.
  2. Select the Find button.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Scroll down and first select then click on Downloader when you see it.
  5. Click Download, or Get.
  6. It will now commence the downloader installation.
  7. Come back to the home screen.
  8. Select Settings.
  9. Select My Fire TV.
  10. Click Developer Options.
  11. Select Install unknown apps.
  12. Now click on the Downloader app in order to turn it ON.

You are done with the first process here. Now you have to start the second process, i.e., Installing AppLinked.

Steps to Install App Linked on Fire TV:

  • Open downloader app
  • In the input box saying Enter a URL, type “”, then click Go. This will start to download the latest version of APK. You can also use the button below.


  • Click Install once the download completes.
  • Launch Downloader.
  • Click Done to finish.

You have successfully downloaded AppLinked on your FireStick. Enjoy!. If you have bought the firestick device newly and are not really familiar with the settings and interface of the application, please go through our complete step-by-step guide given below.

Install Applinked on Fire Stick

Install Applinked APK on Nvidia Shield:

Nvidia Shield is one of the most popular Android TV devices you can use to install various third-party applications. You can also install applinked on Nvidia Shield. Here are the steps:

  • Power on your TV and launch Nvidia Shield
  • Launch any browser to download the APK. We recommend you to use ES File Explorer on Nvidia Shield.
  • If you do not have the explorer, you can go to the app store and get it from there.
  • Open Es file explorer once the installation is done.
  • Create a path and give the name to that. The URL to enter in the path is given below.
    URL :
  • Tap on download and the process will begin.
  • Once the process is complete, install the app, and enjoy the benefits of it on your Nvidia Shield.For a more detailed guide, you can read our tutorial.

Install Applinked app on Nvidia Shield Pro

How to Install App Linked on Android TV:

To do this, you have to turn on the settings to allow the Apps from Unknown Sources option before starting. If you do not switch it on, the system of your device will restrict the APK from installing. You have to download and install the app called Downloader on your device. Follow the below-mentioned steps once you finish installing the app Downloader.

  • Turn on your Android TV and launch the Downloader app.
  • n the search box, enter the URL : and click on GO
  • Scroll down until you see the Download button and click on it.
  • Click Install once the download finishes.

Now you are ready to use the Applinked APK in your Android TV. If you are looking for a more detailed guide, go through Install Applinked APK on Android TV

How to Install AppLinked on Windows/Mac PC:

Installing Applinked on Windows or Mac PC/Laptop is a bit different from the other devices. Kindly follow the steps carefully to install it without any issues.

  • Open your PC or Laptop and launch a browser.
  • Install an Android emulator on your PC. Choose the software based on your operating system.
  • Once the emulator is installed, launch any browser on your Windows/Mac and download applinked .apk
  • Open the file with the Android emulator you installed and wait for it to process.
  • You will see app installed notification on your screen.

We recommend you to use Bluestacks or Nox Android Emulator to install App Linked

Best Working AppLinked Codes

Take a glance at the top five working codes of AppLinked which you can use to download and install the APK versions of other apps that might not be otherwise available to you.






FAQs about Filelinked Alternative:

1. Is AppLinked safe?

Yes, it is safe. But you are recommended to use a VPN service when you use it.

2. Is AppLinked legal?

App Linked is legal. But if you’re not sure about the content, you can watch movies and shows in the public domain to avoid any legal issues.

3. On what devices I can install AppLinked?

You can download and install App Linked on your Android TV and Android smartphone, your Amazon FireStick, Nvidia Shield, and a lot of other devices.


We hope that now you have a well and good idea of AppLinked and how it works. It is an excellent substitute for the popular app FileLinked. Although, since the app is still in the development phase, the number of codes available is somewhat limited. However, this number will go up in the near future as the app matures.